black Viking

black Viking

2 groups, Europe and Central Asia

Dan was ousted from the 12 tribes of Israel and replaced by Joseph's 2 sons. They learned the art of Satan and sailing. Masters of the sea the Phoenicians taught them sailing and Satanism/pagan come from other tribe influences. Today they are the Vikings and Turkic tribes.

Black Vikings: called bleu (blue) or blue blood. there are many meaning for blue blood like Rh negative (low oxygen when born, baby bluish), reptilian blood (purplish), water/sea or black. i believe it is all above. blue is another term for black, even in other non-European cultures like Hinduism their gods are blue mostly. blue is basically visual black, its at the lower end of the light wave. blue means burnt and shiny. many rivers in Europe have Dan in the name, Danube, Danaster; Denmark was the home base for the tribe of Dan. they torn apart neighboring tribes and sailed the coast doing the same plus burning churches, looting, taking slaves and so forth. they also brought forth mainstream witch craft and freemasonry. how they got whiter or became white- they kept mixing with the Khazars (non-neanderthal branch) of the east who were whites who spoke a Turkic language and they had scores of concubine Goth, Celt and Germanic women as well. they are the royal and upper class of mainland European society. Russia, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Norway so on they had kingdoms. they were first from Europe to reach North America. this idea likely may have came from the Moors or Judah who also ruled parts of Europe who travel there many times before. Dan fought the Moorish kingdoms to take all of mainland Europe (mostly German and Slav territories), Moors kept England and south Europe until early colonialism. religion- they converted to their own form of Christianity and there are also a few who became apart of the Ashkenazi "jews" about 10% of Ashkenazis are Dan (none to little neanderthal gene). but they still held on to pagan rituals and freemasonry, their symbols is the snake or dragon from the Khazars. Khazar roughly means goat, we all know the goat is link with Satanism. there were white Vikings but they were the slaves some called Norse who fought for them.

Turks, Turkic people:
these are the tribe of Dan who went east and initially mixed with Mongoloids or Hittites, black & yellow like Tiger Woods or Tibetan/Filipino looking. they had pagan beliefs and also torn apart their enemies is Asia and the Europe. the Huns were the most insane, europeans described them as horrible looking, tawny and slant eyed with a deformed skull, Huns used bands to elongate their heads like cones. the difference from Vikings is they didn't sail as much nor were good sailors. Ghengis Khan was half Christian on mother side and used Lebanese writing system and not chinese. He was very tolerant of the Abrahamic religions. the last power house of Turkic Dan was the Ottoman Turks. they were mixed more with Greeks and some got a bit whiter from the white concubine harems of their conquest, a few mixed with various Arab, Indian (Gypsy) and African women. most today would still not be even close to pure white like the Vikings had become. to a degree the Turks sailed a bit, from Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Mediterranean and even to the Americas in 1600's.

Dan means to judge and strength they were just that. the more honorable of the two groups would be the Turkic for the fact most are muslim or few Eastern Orthodox and loyal to their faith in God. as the Viking group is into the occult and help doing Satan's work with Edom and Canaan.